Welcome to Western Hills Access Television. Proudly seRVING Bethel, Greenwood, Newry, Woodstock, and the surrounding area.


We are a community funded public access PEG media station. 

find us on spectrum cable channels 11 & 1302 and from the link below

now you can watch us live on roku or appletv

add the screenweave app to your homescreen and look for us.

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Do you have an idea for a Television Show? Have you made original content that you want us to air? Would you like to request to have WHATTV11 film a community event? Do you have old footage that you'd like to convert?  Do you want to be on TV?  How about volunteer by filming a government meeting in your town? HAVE ORIGINAL MUSIC YOU WANT US TO Play ON OUR BULLETIN? Or make a donation to help our station grow? That's Great!!! Contact us below

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284 Walkers Mills Road

Bethel Maine